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An Internet radio stream serving hospitality, retail, health & fitness, and entertainment & lifestyle locations worldwide, Free FM Money offers guests the latest in entertainment and lifestyle. We strive to establish an environment that is engaging, entertaining, and inviting. The happiness of our customers and guests is our top priority. We have been able to expand our business and make our partners happy by using the latest digital audio technologies.

Choose Free FM Money - Custom Internet radio stream services for Your Business

  • Payments are made monthly: Play Free FM Money and get paid up to $50 per month.
  • No cost to you: The smart speaker and wireless router are provided for free. Just plug them in and go!
  • Excellent sound quality: Introducing three (royalty-free) channels of high-quality ambient music for your customers.


Ambient Venue Music

Our high-quality background or ambience music is now available for a variety of industries and vertical markets.

A complete and flexible broadcasting experience is available with Free FM Money, from independents to global brands. Get a sense of the various types of industries and clients around the world that use Free FM Money as their music streaming source 24/7.


Whether you are going out for fast food, a casual meal, or a fine dinner, Free FM Money has the right tune for you.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Modern (Popular, house)

Convenience Store/ Gas Station

The right music can make a quick stop for gas or a snack much more enjoyable for clients on the go.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Weekend (Dance, Upbeat)

Liquor /Smoke Stores

Utilize variety music to maximize browsing, experimentation, and return visits by increasing or decreasing dwell time.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Weekend (Dance, Upbeat)


No matter whether you're in a fast food restaurant, a casual dining spot, or a fine dining establishment, Free FM Money has the right playlist for your dining scene.

Relaxed (romantic,Chill) Modern (Popular, House)


Enjoy this laundry-themed playlist while you wash and fold.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Modern (Popular, house)

Retail Stores

With Free FM Money, music sets the right mood for boutiques, shops, galleries, chains, and big-box stores.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Weekend (Dance, Upbeat)


Adding music to your business phone system will entertain your callers, help strengthen your brand, and make your customers wait less agonizing.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Elegant (Jazz,Classic,etc)


In addition to reviving lost speech, evocative music can increase engagement and connection, and help people smile even when they may be feeling down.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Elegant (Jazz,Classic,etc)


Music zones throughout the day with various musical themes and tempos to ensure each amenity will support your members' commitment and health.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Elegant (Jazz,Classic,etc)

Sports & Fitness

Spin bars, aerobics and zumba, and massage therapy all benefit from fitness music.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Weekend (Dance, Upbeat)


This is ideal for commercial music service providers seeking a more comprehensive royalty-free and rights-inclusive playlist.

Relaxed (romantic, Chill) Modern (Popular, house)


our different musical


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Consumer desires continue to drive the rapid evolution of music and technology. With Free Fm Money, clients can use music media to bring customers into their stores and stimulate them in other ways. You can request a quotation by filling out the enquiry form and expect an immediate response. You will have the opportunity to have your message reviewed by the entire team and assigned to a team member with the best expertise in answering your question.

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